How can I become a Dental Assistant in the State of California ?

Eligibility Criteria to become a Dental Assistant

The role of a dental assistant is very crucial as he or she supports proper dental care delivery of the patient. In fact, the responsibility isn’t just confined to preparing treatment room or arranging dental instruments, but performing procedures in compliance with the dentist practicing the procedure, assisting patient care to taking X-Rays for record keeping purposes and scheduling appointment.
With the task in hand being so important, it is obvious that the role requires certain level of skills and training to attain the desired credentials. So, to become a registered dental assistant in US, the basic criteria are as follows:
a) A graduate of an RDA Educational program approved by the board
b) In Office Training for 12 months as a dental assistant ( Short Dental Board Approved Courses - Infection Control, Dental Practice Act, Radiology Certification )
c) A short 12 weekends program to learn the basics of dental assisting and Sterilization.

These are the basic criteria involved to become a Registered Dental Assistant. But in order to achieve specialization, one must undergo proper educational training, for example: to qualify for an orthodontic assistant permit, a candidate must be a RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) or a RDAEF (Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions) and complete courses in infection control and a Dental Practice Act approved by the Board; minimum one year of dental assisting experience and a written practice exam to become an RDA.
Pros and Cons for each of the above methods of becoming a dental assistant will be covered in our next blog ! So follow us :)

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