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How to minimize stress in the dental field ?

Life can be stressful living in silicon valley. Between work and paying bills and picking up kids, trying to cook fresh meals where is the time to work out and stay fit.

As the days pass my belly is getting bigger. My husband calls me "Jelly Belly" and says we have to fix that. Hence I decided to write an article on Living a healthy stress-managed life in the dental field. There is nothing called stress free life ...if somebody told you it is possible they are lying.

So lets begin with eating healthy …. We started something called "Cooking Days", we grocery shop twice a week on Wednesday and Saturdays or Sundays. And cook up 5-6 healthy quick dishes on those days for the week. We are also making a conscious effort in eating more vegetarian meals. We found that assigning two days out of the week to cook and do the dishes and store the food in class containers BPA free. You can heat the glass containers in the microwave instead of plastic which releases toxins that …