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How can you have a professional dental career without any debt ?

  Is it possible to make $35/ Hr or more with no student loan debt . How can I become a dental assistant without spending $20,000 and coming out in debt ? In the state of California, you do not need to do to a dental assisting program to become a dental assistant.  This is a little dirty secret that nobody wants you to know. A lot of dental assistants pay $20,000 and above, at private institutes and go for 9 months without any income ( An Additional loss of $ 25,000-30,000 ... even if you are driving Uber !!!) Then how do I become a dental assistant ? (DA ) You need to take a few small courses that cost very little money ... 1. Infection Control ( 8 hrs) ( Less than $500) for 1. and 2. 2. Dental Practice Act ( 2 hrs) 3. X-Ray Licence  ( 5 -6 day program) ( $450-750) 4. Find an apprentice position to work in a dental office where they train you and PAY you. Yes you read it correctly !!! You can make $14-15 per hour while you train. What if I want to learn t