How can you have a professional dental career without any debt ?

  Is it possible to make $35/ Hr or more with no student loan debt .

How can I become a dental assistant without spending $20,000 and coming out in debt ?

In the state of California, you do not need to do to a dental assisting program to become a dental assistant.  This is a little dirty secret that nobody wants you to know. A lot of dental assistants pay $20,000 and above, at private institutes and go for 9 months without any income ( An Additional loss of $ 25,000-30,000 ... even if you are driving Uber !!!)

Then how do I become a dental assistant ? (DA )

You need to take a few small courses that cost very little money ...

1. Infection Control ( 8 hrs) ( Less than $500) for 1. and 2.
2. Dental Practice Act ( 2 hrs)
3. X-Ray Licence  ( 5 -6 day program) ( $450-750)
4. Find an apprentice position to work in a dental office where they train you and PAY you. Yes you read it correctly !!! You can make $14-15 per hour while you train.

What if I want to learn the basics before I join a dental office ? I know nothing about dental ?

There are short courses that you can take 12 Day Boot-camp training at Ordemy, where we train you with all the basic you need to know. What is a tooth, what are the parts in the mouth. How do you interact with a patient ? Who is a periodontist ? We teach you in 12 days everything you need to know about becoming a dental assistant. This course includes Infection Control, Dental Practice Act and X-Ray Licence as well. And yes our 12 Day Basic Dental Assisting Boot-camp has small monthly payment plan option. $470 for 10 months all inclusive  ( All basic course requirements 1., 2. and 3. from above are included plus hands-on training in one package).

And yes you can drive Uber on the side as our days of training are weekends and some week days ! No LOSS OF INCOME !

Will you find me an internship after I complete my course ?

We help you find an internship program. First month is an unpaid internship after that you make $15 / hr while you learn. And yes we have a recruiting and placement wing that will help you find your dream job when you are ready, at no cost to you. 

Check out our Placement section on

What is the maximum I can make as a dental assistant ?

You can make $18-22/ hr as a dental assistant once you are completely trained. The salary varies in the area you are working. Assistants in Sacramento for example make $3-5 less per hour than assistants in the Bay Area, as it is adjusted to the cost of living of the area.

How do I do better than that ?

The next step up after 12 months of being a Dental Assistant is to become a Registered Dental Assistant. An RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) makes $23-30/ hr in the state of California.

How do I become a registered Dental Assistant ?

There is a 2 hour written exam that you have to pass by the Dental Board of California. They no more have a practical .... Yay ! Its that easy .... study and pass an exam. The exam also includes questions on laws of dentistry and ethics.

Are there any courses that can help me pass the exam ?

We have an RDA Exam Review that reviews everything you need to know to take the test. We also cover laws and Ethics as a bonus !!!

What is a Specialty assistant ? I heard they make a lot of money and it is a fun job ?

A Specialty assistant helps a dental specialist like an Orthodontist ( Braces Doctor) , Oral Surgeon ( Wisdom tooth Dr.), Periodontist ( Implant Dr.) or Endodontist ( Rootcanal Dr.)
Yes they do make $28-35 / hr. There are training programs that Ordemy, has to make you a specialty assistant.

Can I work part time as a dental assistant while I am going to school for my General Ed ?

Yes you can, you can work as many days as you like and yes even while you are a student. It pays a lot higher than other jobs.


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